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"Lord Cranberry"
"Damn Absinthe Fairies!"
"Bertrand's Last Bath"
"A Rose For Lady Ravencourt"
"O, The Pretty Black Birds"
"The Last Train"
"Jumping Rope With Claudia"
"Gwen Never Liked My Smoking"
"The Sweet Smell Of Prussic Acid"
"Emma's Up To No Good Tonight"
"Arsenic And Old Lace"
"Lizzy Belfry Brought A Friend"
"Victorian Drive-By"
"A Murder Is A Hatchin'"
"That Voodoo That She Do So Well"
"The Family That Slays Together..."
"Edwardian UFO"
"The Corset Killer"
"War Of The Rosenthals" (New Version)
"Lady Butterwick's Trophy Husband"
"Gunpowder Tea"
"Mr. Wrong"
"The Streets Are Dead Tonight"
"Gwen's Got A Dark Side"

"Silhouettes To Die For!"

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